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Gena & Cat, Chloe, Ragsdale

I work in a constantly evolving field, which allows me to polish my research skills and feed my appetite for innovation. This makes explaining what I do a bit more difficult because I’m constantly in the process of learning and evolving my craft. 

As a writer, I live my life in the “rough draft” phase, meaning that I am always ready to reinvent processes, content, and even myself. 


I’m a marketer, a web designer, a social media strategist, and an aspiring rapper (okay, I actually just like memorizing difficult lyrics to impress people, but that’s not the point).


I’m also a believer in the power of storytelling and the importance of humanizing the communication between brand and consumer. I believe that our actions are more inspired by feelings than words.


In fact, I have seen firsthand how feelings can affect client acquisition and retention. Bringing my personality and dedication to my career this past year, I recruited 300 new clients and improved social media reach by 282% on Facebook alone. 


With my curiosity and ambition, I teach companies how to successfully tell their stories and achieve their goals even if it means researching best practices with my cat until 3 a.m. 


I am a communicator, an idealist, an explorer, and a modern woman looking to take on the world one challenge at a time in order to make your life easier.

Although I am small, everything I do is big.

Interested in having your story heard and learning how I can help you (or having a rap battle)?

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