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Confessions of a College Senior

college confessions

After going out to the frats for your first time freshman year, you swear you'll never outgrow any of the formalities that go with the whole experience. You see how "over it" the seniors are and promise yourself you'll never be like them...until you are.

The Fraternity House
Confessions of a College Senior

Freshman year: Okay, admittedly, fraternity houses are still disgusting as a freshman. But dancing around in a pitch-black basement- where mud and other substances are covering the floor- becomes the norm. You accept the humidity that comes with any party, and the fact that by the end of the night, your hair and make up won't look anywhere near how it looked when you first got there.

Senior year: If you're at a frat, you live for upstairs parties and their more casual environment. Unless your best friends or boyfriend are in that fraternity and you promised them that you'd show take one look at the disgusting slippery-and-somehow-sticky-at-the-same-time floor, feel the humidity coming off the sweaty people around you, and think, "what am I doing here," just before turning and leaving for the bars.

The Guys
Confessions of a College Senior

Freshman year: New guys everywhere. 'Nuff said. You love frat hopping and dancing on any raised surface with anyone who asks. Every experience with anyone is new and exciting.

Senior year: You have your favorite frat and your set group of guy friends. These guys will watch your back and take care of you if needed, so why go elsewhere? Unless you're trying to find a new guy, the only ones who are asking you to dance are the ones also asking if you're a freshman..which is a clear indicator that they are one.

Your Clothes
Confessions of a College Senior

Freshman year: Tight skirts, crop tops, short dresses, frat shoes and lanyards are all an essential part of your wardrobe. Snow doesn't even phase you. You want to look hot and get noticed by the guys you'll run into. Not only that, but you want to be the hottest of your friends.

Senior year: Unless you're trying to remind everyone of your potential, the best you're getting is a romper or shorts if you're going to the frats. Most of them know you anyways, they know what you look like, so who cares.

Your Group
Confessions of a College Senior

Freshman year: You're always out with your friends, and by that, I mean every single one of them. You will also probably stay together all night and feel the need to document every place you go, every night you go out. The paparazzi got nothing on you - pics or it didn't happen right?

Senior year: You may have the intention of going out with your friends and staying out with them, but your original group is probably smaller and based on similar interest in frats or age (so you can escape with them to the bars). In the end, everyone understands that they don't need to make excuses for leaving anymore or going off with their boyfriend.

The Drinks
Confessions of a College Senior

Freshman year: The mixed drinks are made strong with the cheapest alcohol possible. And you're totally okay with it because you don't know any different. Pulls from half-g's also seem totally welcomed, who doesn't love Monarch, am I right?? (.....barf)

Senior year: At this point, after experiencing the bars, mixed drinks at frats and cheap half-g's are borderline torture. This is part of the reason seniors are "over it," because they aren't stuck drinking trashcan concoctions anymore.

As you get older, it's not uncommon to have a "freshman night" where you try to relive everything you once loved. However it ultimately ends up being a reminder of how several years experience has raised your standards. Freshmen - enjoy it while you still have the chance!


*Created for The Odyssey


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