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How to Throw a Green Holiday Party

Green Holiday Party

'Tis the season for holiday parties; and with that comes plenty of leftovers. In fact, according to the Clean Air Council, 43,000 tons of food are thrown out every day in the United States. Additionally, each year the amount of paper plates and plastic utensils disposed could circle the equator 300 times. With that in mind, here are some tips to make your holiday party eco-friendlier.


Online Invitations

A great way to start your party the sustainable way is by skipping the paper invites and inviting your friends virtually. There are plenty of websites that specialize in this type of service, offering customizable and attractive invitation options without the negative environmental impact.

Need Decorations? Start in Your Own Backyard!

You may be able to find yourself enough pinecones, wreath materials, and holly to save you a trip to the store. Other easy DIY holiday decorations include garlands and ribbons. To set the mood and save money on electricity, holiday string lights and candles are the perfect alternative to flipping all of the light switches on in your house.

Keep it Local

Use this opportunity to check out fresh and local ingredients! Stopping by a local farmers market can open your eyes to organic wines and beers that may yield a new favorite, while supporting your community.

Keep it Clean

If you decide against using your own dishes at your holiday party, pick up recyclable/biodegradable paper plates. Keep your party clean by encouraging that your guests recycle any waste that they may have. If you decide to use the plates you already have at home, opening the dish washer halfway through its cycle (so that the dishes can air dry) will save an immense amount of energy.

If you have any green party tips that you’d love to share, please let us know!


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