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7 Reasons to Thank Your Little

7 Reasons to Thank Your Little
1. She's taught you responsibility.

Up until you got a Little, you were used to being babied and taken care of by your Big; but now you're the one with responsibility. Having a Little means looking out for someone besides yourself. It means knowing where she runs off to, taking care of her when she needs it (even if she's embarrassed) and always being there for her because...

2. She's basically your child.

The responsibility that comes along with being a Big is incredibly rewarding because you now have this younger human who looks up to you and who you get to take care of (yes, get to — it's a privilege). You get to show her the ins and outs of campus and watch her grow into a more amazing version of herself. If you're ever separated, reuniting with your Little is one of the greatest experiences ever ... and it usually involves tears.

3. She's just like you.

There's a reason that you two chose each other. You knew it was meant to be from the first time you talked to her during recruitment and she became your rush crush. She also has similar interests, which is great because she'll always be on your side to back you up and is down for anything.

4. You always have someone to shower with gifts.

Bored and feel like crafting? What a perfect opportunity to show your Little how much you love her!! This is a great way to put all of those adorable pictures you took together to use! Pinterest is FULL of ideas for crafting for your little.

5. ...And love.

It's no secret that Bigs and Littles are perfect for each other. This perfection often translates into an obsessive, borderline lesbian sort of love for one another. No, that is not weird.

6. She keeps you feeling young.

On those days where you're starting to feel like a grandma because you're not a freshman anymore, you can always count on your Little to pump you back up. And when you get tired of going to the bars, she's sure to know what's going on around Greek row! Jumping around on couches is extremely underrated.

7. She's your best friend.

Littles are the greatest friends to have because of the mutual adoration that exists within the relationship. You know that you can always talk to her about anything, and she'll give you the best advice. She knows that Big knows best and will come to you with any of her problems. If you have a Little, you're one of the luckiest people in the world.


*Created for The Odyssey


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