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5 Signs You're a Fraternity Live-In

5 Signs You're a Fraternity Live-In

Shacking is a common and generally accepted thing amongst college students, in a relationship or not. But, whether you're just friends with many of the guys or in a serious relationship, shacking may develop into something more.

I realized it during a game of "I've never" when my guy friend tried to get all the girls out by saying, "I've never lived in a fraternity," and he told me that I counted as a fraternity live-in.

So, how do you know when you've made the transition from shacker to live-in?

1. His brothers remind you when rent is "past due." Which is a joke that gets really old, really fast... and usually only happens when you've first made the transition. This is a sign that his brothers recognize how often you spend time there, which should either be taken as a good thing or a warning that you should spend more time elsewhere, depending on your situation.

2. You always know the quickest escape route. Wherever you are in the house, you know how to leave completely undetected if you need to (as if no one knew you were there already). You know all the back stairways, back doors and which pathways are busiest at what times. If your car isn't already parked in the back, you know who could give you a ride home if you get desperate (and it's snowing). At this point you also know which girls are there as often as you are, so you always have someone to walk home with if needed.

3. You know the door code. And are updated whenever it changes. This comes in handy when you want to avoid a line going into a function, when you need to pick up something you inevitably left behind, or when your friend/boyfriend is too lazy to come let you in. Actually, let's be real, your knowledge isn't limited to the door code: you know which brother broke up with his girlfriend and who's hooked up with girls in your classes all probably before your boyfriend does, because you care/(love the drama).

4. Walking around in a full sweat suit. At this point there's no shame in this. These guys have probably seen you without makeup more times than they've seen you wearing makeup. No one will be surprised when they see you walking around fully scrubbed out... probably making top ramen in their kitchen.

5. You don't know the last time you slept at home. Which can get pretty gross if you don't leave a change of clothes or makeup wipes there... But these guys have become some of your best friends and if you're drunk and wandering around the frat: everyone knows who you are, which room you will ultimately end up in, and will be there to take care of you if you're puking or drunk crying.

Not every girl can say that they're this close to a group of guys, so know that you if you would now consider yourself a fraternity live-in, you are one of the privileged few who gets to be included in their circle. You'll know that you've reached this point when you actually care about each brother's well-being, how his life is working out, and their individual interests because you actually know all of them.

Welcome to the club.


*Created for The Odyssey


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