March 6, 2016

      In 2016, we have stepped off the decade-long roller coaster ride of a housing market. On a national level, home prices rose 4% in 2015 after a 6.4% increase in 2014. Although most parts of the U.S. are still regaining lost ground from the 2007 market crash, Seattle is still relatively unaffected.

      Taking a closer look at the Puget Sound region, Seattle boasts home price gains of 10.6%, making it one of the most significant increases among the largest cities.

Puget Sound Region

      Trends in the Puget Sound region continued from 2014 to 2015 by showing increased sales prices, reasonable sales volumes, and limited inventory of homes for sale. Sales volumes in King, Pierce, and Snohomish County collectively increa...

February 4, 2016

      A new year signifies new design trends for the real estate world. As 2016 begins, we have looked at which trends are on their way out from the past year and which styles will be taking over the interiors of our homes.

Outside is in.
As movements towards environmentalism and sustainability grow, we are learning the importance of green spaces for the sake of modern design. An easy way to create this transition is through area rugs made of natural fibers in neutral hues. Incorporate nature (such as twigs in vases) in your design plans to bring the outdoors in!

Unique accent pieces.
Souvenirs, artisan pieces, and flea market finds will be highlighted to complement the natural emphasis this year is taking. These pieces also allow t...

October 31, 2015

      In general, obtaining financing for an investment property can be difficult. Since conventional loans can be hard to obtain, many investors are using hard money lending. This begs the question, why don’t banks lend to investors?

Timeframe of Closing

The key to acquiring investment deals in this competitive marketplace is to be able to close quickly on a property. Banks are typically unable to offer financing in such a short time frame, causing investors to miss out on potential investment properties. Banks also need additional documentation and information regarding the status of the property that an investor may not have at the time of purchase.  

Property Condition

If your property is undergoing more than a few cosmetic repair...

September 26, 2015

“What are some unforeseen investment expenses?” –Megan of Edmonds, WA

      As a real estate investor, you can put a flip calculator together and estimate what the specific project costs are going to be. I think that the biggest unforeseen investment expense is the one you as the investor are hiding from yourself in order to make the deal look better. What we seem to find is at the end of the day, investors are not making as much money as they thought but they’re not looking at why.

      Tracking all of the expenses associated with a specific project is important because once you have finished a project, you can go back and look at records for numbers to evaluate how your next project is going to go. People get antsy to buy a prop...

January 30, 2015

1. She's taught you responsibility.

Up until you got a Little, you were used to being babied and taken care of by your Big; but now you're the one with responsibility. Having a Little means looking out for someone besides yourself. It means knowing where she runs off to, taking care of her when she needs it (even if she's embarrassed) and always being there for her because...

2. She's basically your child. 

The responsibility that comes along with being a Big is incredibly rewarding because you now have this younger human who looks up to you and who you get to take care of (yes, get to — it's a privilege). You get to show her the ins and outs of campus and watch her grow into a more amazing version of herself. If you're ever separated, reuniti...

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